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Introducing the Coast Guard approved

North Water PRO SYSTEM Rescue PFD

For over 20 years we have designed and built specialized swiftwater rescue Personal Floatation Devices (PFD’s) for trained professionals. Year after year we continue to set the standards that others follow. This year we introduce a PFD that will revolutionize how professionals approach swiftwater rescue.

Swiftwater is a dynamic environment. Every situation demands a unique approach and the right choice of tools. North Water has designed a PFD that can be custom equipped for each call. We have incorporated into the design features that enable the user to combine a wide variety of tools often used in moving water rescues.

We are able to custom build a PFD that gives you exactly what you require. Just as important, you have the flexibility to change and add features as your requirements change without affecting Canadian Coast Guard Certification.

We call it a “SYSTEMS APPROACH”. By owning and operating our own factory in North America, we offer complete customization and guarantee your purchase is exactly what you and your team require.

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